Image History window needs to be improved

For sure the “Image History” window is one weak spot of SGPro. I used it a lot to review the overnight imaging history and mark the bad ones out. But this function is not that user friendly.


  • The dialog window should be resize-able to see more files.
  • The HFR/STARS graph should cover the whole imaging history (a horizontal scroll bar needs to be provided)
  • More columns should be added, such as Mean and Median
  • The most painful part, is every time when I mark one file as bad, sometimes deep down in the history, the whole window will go back to the top of the history. And I have to find the spot to resume checking. Sometimes, I need to page down more than 20 times for a large session.
  • The GOOD/BAD attribute should be able to flip back and forth. And the number of image in the sequence plan should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Image History windows should allow user to multi-select image files to mark as GOOD/BAD. Either one block with multiple files or multiple files not adjacent to each others.

I am sure other users have more ideas about how to improve this really important function.

Thanks for listening!
Min Xie from Coppell, Texas


@Jared, could you take a look at my suggestion about the Image History function?

I totally agree with all points and would add:

  1. Mark the row of the active image
  2. Stars Y axis should have autoscale. Having 1000 as max value flattens the red curve and “hides” useful information
  3. Add “excentricity” column to avoid repeated zooimg 300x to check stars geometry

This topic should have been placed under “Feature request” anyone can move it?

Image history should also allow a “repair link” function for updated image paths where say an image is marked bad, but then sgp is closed without save. Or for images that have moved.


Yes, we’ve seen the request. We’ll consider some of these suggestions for an upcoming beta.


Hello Jared!

Is there any update that you could share about feature improvement? This is an important tool to review the data with in SGP after long duration automated run. Certain factors like stars/mean/focus-pos are really useful for determine if the data is good or bad.

Really hope this key feature of SGP could be more comprehensive and useful.


We have not started this, but will consider it for SGPro 4

Could you at least implement “highlight the image history row of the active image” as you did in the drop down list?


Hey Jared, could you at least add the possibility to expand the image history windows, its annoying to be scrolling up/down, left/right all the time, thanks

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Ken & Jared,

This feature request has been opened for almost a year. Not sure if there is any plan to implement this and the time line? We did the comparison with other platforms such as Voyager. SGPro still has advantage on the image history function (like I mentioned many times, it’s an essential function for reviewing data). But it’s just a matter of time other developers will catch up.


I’ve added the ability to resize. I’ll also see about having the highlight follow the row.


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Thanks for the new resize function in v3.1.0.544. I am now able to use my desktop much more efficiently. Please do not forget the other minor improvements in the Image history windows that have been suggested here.

I will add a new request for the image history window.

  1. Add ability to include more columns, with user selectable parameters, e.g. “SQM value”, “air pressure”, “air humidity”, etc.

  2. User selectable parameters to include in the graph


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Hi Jared, please do not forget this suggested improvements to the image history. Many people do not realize how usefull this is for a preliminary data analysis to detect problems during imaging. Of course I could do data analysis later with PI but then it is to late to do corrections and may have waisted a lot of precious time.
What I am really missing most is an eccentricity value for each sub. I do unguided imaging and the only way I can check my “guiding” performance is zooming the frames up to 300% or more to check the stars geometry. With an eccentricity value and graph this would be much much easier to check and follow.

Other optimizations suggested above are also useful for better, and easier data analysis.


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Agree with the above as long as it is calculated in the background and not between two frames as this would cost imaging time. Currently I use either pixinsight or CCD inspector.

Hi Jared, on SGP 4.X the large image history window can not be resized anymore as it was on the last 3.X versions. Did you remove it on purpose? I miss this feature…

Ah, I didnt realize this window resized when I re-themed it for 4.1. I’ll take a look.