IMAGE: IC1848 (Detail)

Captured over about 9 sessions, this is a small (but interesting) part of the Sole nebula.

IC 1848 (Detail)

T: MN190
C: Atik 460EX
F: Baader Ha, OIII & SII
M: NEQ6 Pro (belt drive)
G: Lodestar + SX OAG
Guiding: PHD2
Capture Sequence Generator Pro
Process: Pixinsight + CS2

Ha: 20 x 900s 1x1
OIII: 20 x 900s 1x1
SII: 20 x 900s 1x1

Stacked SII/Ha/OIII

Full size:


AMAZING detail! Great work!

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Nice…addes you in Astrobin :wink:

Great Image!

So pretty!