Image mostly black

I was using sequence generator plural last night everything was working pretty good but then I changed something I’m not sure and my image kept coming black. I thought I messed up my camera so I use a couple of different imaging programs and the camera was working fine I go back to SG pro and the screen is black even on a 20 second exposure I’m not sure exactly what I did I can’t see it but apparently there must be something in the image because I can still plates all with it any help would be appreciated thank you

You probably switched off the auto stretch function. Right click on an image and select Auto Stretch - Low, that will most likely fix your problem.


Bob thanks for getting back to me , I tried that switched it low med and high , nothing , even if I try to stretch manual still see nothing

can u post an sceenhsot…maybe thats helpful…

Thanks for getting back to me. I got it solved , was working with astro dude and it was my unity gain and a few other settings but it is fixed

OK nice to hear it is fixed…

Thanks to YouTuber ASTRO DUDE, the man is great , learning a lot from him