Image not save "debayered"


Just wondering if anyone can explain the attached images from two consecutive nights, same sequence, same equipment etc…

The frame on the right is from the first night, and looks as expected of a OSC bayered frame.

The frame on the left is from the second night, and looks like a debayered greyscale image. So when I go to debayer it, it stays greyscale.

I’ve driven myself nuts trying to find if it’s a setting I accident hit or something I done.

Any leads or clues will be much appreciated.


What camera are we talking about?
SGP does not do debayering so whatever is happening is coming from the camera driver.

Yeah that was my understanding of sgp.

It’s a qhy10…

I have that camera and there is no setting that would debayer the image so the image that SGP is saving is not debayered.

What is the exact error message you get when you attempt to debayer the image in PixInsight? In my experience, PixInsight will attempt to debayer any greyscale image, whether it is a CFA image or not. If you get the error “Unable to acquire CFA pattern information”, it means you need to select the Bayer pattern in the PixInsight Debayer process because it is not found in the image header information. I believe this is normal for FITS files acquired with SGP.

PI may be debayering it for you when you opened it? Check the console log when you opened the file.

Let me clarify my reply above. PixInsight will attempt to debayer any greyscale image IF you ask it to debayer - either by checking “CFA images” in Batch Preprocessing or by running the Debayer process. Both of the images in your screen capture are greyscale, as indicated on their title bars, so if you ask PixInsight to debayer them, it will attempt it. You will need to specify the Bayer pattern (e.g., RGGB) if the image file header does not include it.

Thanks for the input guys

@DonR - There is no error message. The process either through batch processing or manually debayering the images (and selecting a bayer pattern) works normally for the images from the first night.

If I debayer the image from the second night the colour space changes from greyscale to RGB but the image stays greysale.

@entilza - First image loaded is the “broken” one, second image is one that debayers correctly.


Have you accidentally enabled binning? A 2x2 bin will destroy the colour info.