Imaging malfunction towards early morning

Hi Group,

I’ve included the Drop Box folder featuring the PHD2 log, the SGPro log and the 8 fit files of IC410 in SII.
Earlier in the evening the sequence had taken 12 of the Ha subs and 12 of the OIII subs with no problems. But once the program reached the SII subs (around midnight) it started getting flaky.

  1. The lower portion of all 8 subs shows a light band (approx. 25% of image).
  2. Two of the subs (*001235 and *012252) show to be above the -10C camera set temperature. The *001235 is -8.4C and occurs somewhat in the middle of the group. The *012252 is -9.6C and is the last image prior to the system abort.
  3. It appears that dithering dropped out for this last group of images.

FWIW, the sequence aborted around 1:42am due to clouds rolling in.

Any thoughts on what the culprit might be?


Sorry, here’s the link.


Not sure about dithering. Was it working the entire night? The temperature control thing is weird. Same with the light band. What kind of camera is this? Is it regulated?

My guess would be a bad USB cable. When they fail, I see all kinds of weird issues crop up.

Hi Mads,

I got a second night in and, unfortunately, am seeing the same results. This is the first time I’ve run into this problem. The camera is an Atik 383L+mono and about 2 years old. The camera is powered by a 13.8vdc rps, and is temp regulated. I set the camera at -10C.

  1. The problem images come up after around 20 good images have been captured. I’ve been trying to capture around 30 images (Ha, O3 and S2) each night.
  2. Once the problem images start, they do not stop.
  3. The “light band” at the bottom of the image is actually two (2) smaller distorted images of the good image. Take a hard look and you will see that.
  4. All good images are dithered. The problem images show zero dithering. Or, the problem images are simply reproductions of the same sub (just numbered differently).
  5. The problem images show some temperatures at the temp setting, along with above and below the temp setting.
  6. This problem has occurred with both the 2.3 and 2.4 SGPro.
  7. This problem has occurred with both WiFi connected and disconnected.

I will pay close attention to the USB connections from here on.

Any other suggestions you might have would be appreciated.


Are you experiencing RBI? If they’re ghost images that usually is the cause. I don’t know the fix for your particular camera :/.

If you would, could you just grab a different USB cable and give it a whirl? Otherwise I’m out of ideas :confused: