Import a target from telecopius

i have a problem when i import a target from telescopius the coordinatesare outliers
ex: RA 550000h46m33s
dec 250000°20’30’’
this is an example
what’s the problem?

Please post the link you are attempting to import.

This is the link
D lapie

That link does not go to a telescopius list. I am not sure what that domain is, but this one works fine:

Il is a mistake with my iphone!!
This is telescopius ans not télescopiques!!
This links gives bad coordonates in RA and DÉC
The Numbers are falses for hours and degres
D lapie

I think this is a regional issue. I added some more logging and I guessed at a fix. It will be available in

Thank you

Hi. It does not seem like the fix works, if ever implemented. I imported a list from Telescopius today, but my target coordiates looks like this:
Target setting
Note that it is not only the preceding figures that is the problem. The data is totally wrong even if I remove those figures manually.
The link to the list is:

I also dl the list and imported it to Excel. In Excel everything is correct.
Would have been great to have this fixed.

As I mentioned before, I am unable to see the issue (including yours… my import of your list works just fine). That said, I did add extra logging when I attempted to fix the issue. If you can attempt an import and then go through “Help->Report an Issue” and send logs, it should be pretty easy to spot the problem (regional I think?).