Import from Astroplanner not working properly

I think there is a problem with the import function from Astroplanner.

If I select an object e.g. M107 and export it from Astroplanner and then import it
into SGP the coordinate fields are incorrect. in this instance it reports (from within
SGP) the RA as 16:32:32 and the DEC as 16d 32’ 32". I have checked the export
file and the coordinates are OK.

Here’s the export (not in HTML)


I would be happy if this is my problem, but anyway you guys need to have a
look see !!


You will need to send the file you are reading to import for us to be of any assistance.

I don’t know how to attach an XML file to this post ? Send it by email ???
The same file works with 2.3.xxxx


Thanks for the report and file. This issue has been corrected.