Importing targets from StarryNight with JNow instead J2000

I have imported several targets from StarryNight and they populate the “target settings” with the ccordinates “JNow”. I think I have heard that most plate solvers use the coordinates J2000. Is there here any problem with the accuracy of centering the target?

besides the seconds aren’t imported

Not sure. There might be an option in SN that sets which epoch you want to use. There is a bug in 2.3 with SN import. You might want to move to the 2.4 beta.

I asked that question from the SN folks , about being able to export targets with J2000. What I got back was a request for more information , type telescope, camera ect, so obviously they did not read my query.
I did a center now to Bodes it solved and slewed, first time to a 115 px, second time to 15px. It was in the top third of the frame, so, the next time I am going to put the J2000 in manually and see what shakes out.