Improve dates in file naming


I usually prefer to save my images in folders named YYYY-MM-DD, so they are automatically sorted by date. I also like to save them with a 12 hour offset, so images shot around midnight are not split into two folders. Currently SGP provides the 12 hour offset only for the whole date in the silly form MM-DD-YYYY (%d2) or just the date number DD (%dy). Using %dy-%mm-%yy does not work, since the 12 hour offset is only applied to the day number, but not the month or the year. So if I’m out photographing on 31.12.2015, %dy-%mm-%yy will flip to 31.01.2016 after midnight.

It would be nice to either change the date format to YYYY-MM-DD instead of MM-DD-YYYY, or provide the 12 hour offset versions for the month and year also.

I’ll second that request. I was surprised at the unusual naming convention and was also looking for how to add an offset. Hopefully we’ll see that enhancement, since it’s a pretty simple fix.




While this is certainly not meant to dissuade you, you no longer need to vote on items that have been “accepted”. Your comments are much better off in the unaccepted category for features we have not yet decided on…

Hi Ken,

Sorry, I wasn’t aware I was voting on anything. I’d just searched the forums for an answer to a problem prior to posting my own request and only found one message on the topic. Rather than starting a new topic, I responded to that one. Sorry, but this forum software is VERY confusing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and it’s a bit tough to figure out.



No need to apologize. Because it can be a little confusing, I was just explaining how our feature request system works (in a public place so others can benefit as well).

Closing as resolved. SGPro has created folders / fine name patterns with the “yyyy-MM-dd” patterns for some time now.

Sorry to reopen this, but I updated to SGP, but I was not able to find the new filenaming pattern in the pattern key window. The window still only shows the old pattern MM-DD-YYYY.

EDIT: Looks like was released 24.5.2015, so maybe the filenaming pattern is coming up in the next version?

Good catch. Actually the naming convention has been changed for quite some time. It is just this dialog that shows it incorrectly. It has been corrected in the latest beta for 2.4.2.

Looks like you’re right, %dt and %d2 show the date as YYYY-MM-DD regardless of the info text. Thanks!