Inconsistent „Min star size“

There is a small but unpleasent bug in the „Apply Profile to Sequence“ command. It generates an inconsistent state for the minimum star size.

This applies to the actual version and ad least the version I had active last night.

The steps:

  • Open a sequence or create a new one.

  • Go to the Profile manager -> Auto Focus Settings and change the value for the Minimum Star size to a new value (not a 4!). Save the Profile.

  • Use the command Apply profile to sequence to update the sequence. Result:
    a. The minimum star size in the “Focus control” applet does not change.
    b. The minimum star size in the “Control Panel / Autofocus Settings” will be changed to 4.

  • After saving the sequence and reopening it, the minimum star size stays at 4.

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I noticed the same issue using


@Horia @MichaelLeung

This is not actually a bug (mostly), but it is confusing. Minimum star size was never meant to be part of profiles. This is because every target can have its own value (and may actually need it). That said, after some thought, I just decided to leave it in the profile and apply it to all targets. New targets added to the sequence after creation will also inherit this value. All min star size values can still be changed vary independently when a sequence is saved.

Great, thank you Ken.

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