INDI Support ETA?

Hey guys,

Hate to be the nagger on this one, but INDI was a 3.x feature that was touted with the new version, and I am curious when we are going to see that come to fruition? Is there by chance a beta build that might have INDI enabled for testing? At this point, any news on this feature of 3.x would be appreciated.

Camera and Telescope are both “generally” functional. Filter Wheel will likely not require much effort. Unfortunately the Focuser will take a fair amount of work to get functional. Not really because of INDI but because of some bad decisions we made about how backlash compensation is handled. Which really means that the entire focuser implementation needs to dramatically change. To be honest I’m more delaying the refactor than anything…

I also need to think about things in terms of storing/querying INDI devices from a server and try to better organize that. If I recall INDI doesn’t actually give you an idea of the type of device you’re asking it to connect to…but it’s honestly been a while since I’ve looked at that code.

I could probably have a beta ready in a couple of weeks that included Cameras, Filter Wheels and Telescopes…with the normal caveat of this should not be used by anyone. But the Focuser is going to take some additional time. Rotators and Observatories shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m not sure if INDI supports things like Safety, Environment and Flat Boxes. Like I said it’s been a while since I checked it out.


BUMP! I’m interested in being a tester on this. Is a beta available?