Info in fits header for color image that need debayering?

Does SGP introduce some sort of file header into fits file to let other softwares know to debayer a file produce with a OSC?
I have both APP and ASI fitsviewer that both need to be forced to debayer my fits files every time I use them.

We don’t know and can’t get the Bayer pattern from most cameras. So we do not store it as part of the FITs headers.



In the thread Please include FITS keyword BAYERPAT , I gave reasons for the need of supporting this FITS keyword in capture software. At that time (in July 2019!) you wrote:

I am requesting it here again: please do it.


How are programs like NINA doing it? I gave NINA a quick test with my same ZWO camera and neither APP nor ASI Fitsviewer had problems with debayering the fits NINA generated.

You requested this in 2019…!?

NINA uses the native ZWO driver, we do not.


Could you not add an entry box on the camera tab of the equipment profile and allow the OSC user to specify the bayer matrix pattern for a particular camera at this point?

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Yes, that’s basically what was suggested here:

I think we’d just add an area where you could add whatever additional parameters you wanted to add.