Insert a sequence delay after meridian flip?

Hi, I’m having an issue where my sequence fails just after a meridian flip. After the meridian flip, the sequence attempts to center on my target. At this point the sequence fails and goes into recovery mode. Recovery mode works, but I think I could avoid recovery mode if there was a short (5-10 seconds?) delay after the flip and before the centering task takes place. I’ve searched for a solution to this in the forums and the manual and I’ve probably missed the answer. Anyone have any advice? Like I say, recovery works, but I’d rather avoid it.
Mount: iOptron ieq45 set for meridian flip 10 minutes after meridian

Yes, you can set a pause either before of after the auto center happens…or before the entire flip:

I’d recommend grabbing the SGP logs so we can see what is going on. I know some older firmware variants of the iEQ45 had some issues with reporting the correct side of pier though…so you may be running into that.

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Thanks for responding Jared and thanks for the reminder to check the help file. After reading the SGP manual, Pause before or after autocenter appears to mean that it will actually Pause and requires manual intervention to continue the sequence. I was hoping to find an option where I could inject an automatic delay, perhaps to provide for settling of the mount before continuing. However, I agree that an examination of the logs may help me to determine the exact issue I’m dealing with.
Pause Before/After Auto Center: Pops up a dialog box after Auto Center is
complete and waits on the user to continue. This is useful if you need to move
counterweights after a meridian flip.

We don’t have a specific settle for a meridian flip, but you can adjust the overall mount settle value:



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