Insert an event

I would like to insert a new event, rather than add a new one at the end. For a given target, I have an event for each filter. When I want to run exposure trials for the first event (first filter), I have to add an event at the end and then move it up to event 2 for neatness. Moving it up is not just clicking the nudge up button several times, one has to nudge a different event for each move! I would like to select, say, event 2, right click and INSERT NEW EVENT, or even select event 1, right click and select INSERT COPY. Normally this is not an issue, but when playing with new gear, or a new target, it becomes rather frustrating. (Thought - I do a lot of coding - requesting this makes me think - should I just write a standalone bit to edit the sequence file?)

I know this is not exactly what you are suggesting, but I still think it would make what you describe much easier. This work is complete and will be in the first 4.2 beta. Process you describe would be “add event to end”, enter drag mode, relocate to top-ish area, done.

It already adds event to end, and can be dragged, in several stages, to top!

My current solution is to open the sequence text file, insert the event (VB.Net) and save it out again.


Having looked at the video (I hadn’t noticed before that the link was a video!), it looks like it might do the job for me. It means that I do not have to exit SGPro, run my code to do the editing, then restart SGPro (and hence restart hardware, cooling etc) . I don’t usually use Betas, but for this function I will try it – license permitting. Thanks!