Install Failure

Downloaded SGP 2.6 tonight. When I install, it says, “Trial Expired”. How is that possible when the Web site says there is a “Free 45 day trial”? Uninstalled; downloaded again; attempted reinstall – same result.

When I click “Dismiss”, I see a red warning “This feature is available only in the Pro version!” I thought that is what I had attempted to download.

Is SGP available for free 45 day trial or isn’t it? If it is, then how do I get access to it?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist with this problem. So far, my experience is not encouraging.

This generally happens when SGP can’t access our licensing server to start a trial.

  • Open SGP
  • Go to Help>>License Information
  • Click “Refresh Licenses”

That should get a trial started.