Installing Beta's too!

Hey all,

I have .21 installed but want to install the beta’s as they become available, when I don’t have SGP installed at all and I install .21 I get the option of where to install it…Great. Once .21 is installed, if I then download the latest beta and run the installer It does not give me the option of where to install the Beta.

I know that each version has to be installed to different locations and that both versions will use the same recourses but any one know why installing the beta will not give me a ‘install to what location’ option/screen ???

I’m on Windows 7 64bit here.


if its like it used to be with 2.4->2.5->2.6, you can’t install the beta alongside the release version. the installer always overwrites the release version.

is it supposed to be different with 3.0?


That’s the way it has been for quite a while; we used to be able to easily have both Beta and Final versions on the computer, but then it suddenly went away. I’ve found that if I temporarily hide the existing (Final) version, I can install the Beta version without it nuking the other one. Then I restore the Final version to it’s original location.

To Ken/Jared: please, Please, PLEASE return the ability for us to always select where we want the new version installed. I also maintain Beta an Final versions simultaneously for PHD2 and it’s a snap to do it for that one.


I am not sure that at least Jared is aware that this changed… I asked him a question about installing version 3 and he suggested installing it in parallel with the released version. But, I wasn’t actually offered the chance to pick the location with the current installer. I mentioned that to him at the time, but it wasn’t a big issue for me.


Yes, we are aware. This likely changed when we changed our installer. I’ll see if there is an option to allow the user to specify/approve the directory.


Ok, this should be addressed with the next 3.0 Beta.


Cheers Jared,

Thanks for your support there.

I rolled back to .21 in relation to this QHY issue with cooling & DLL’s etc as I use a QHY8L, although beta testing is one of my favourite pass times, now and again a new release ‘can’ break ones ability to image for any number of reasons, that’s the world of Beta testing. Version .21 behaves quite happily with all my equipment so if a beta release introduces a problem for some reason then I can always fall back on .21 and still get imaging.


idk if this is the same issue, but what i remember is that even though in the past i could specify a different directory for the beta install, the installer removed the release version as a part of installing the beta… despite the beta being written to a different directory.

I’ll double check the behavior this evening. I haven’t tested this yet, just set the installer to always prompt for directory.


Thanks, Jared…

The 3.0 installation worked well for me, so I just mentioned this in passing and moved on.

Appreciate the support, as always!