Inteligent slection of equipment

not sure my title is quite what I mean but here goes.
Last night I had an issue connecting to my motor focuser (MF) so decided to deselect it from my equipment list in the sequence to "no focuser"
However when I started the sequence I was prompted to connect to the MF as I had filters selected and had ticked the “focus using filter offsets” selected.
so I had to do a bit of hunting to find these focusing elements and uncheck them.
What would be nice is that if a piece of equipment is deselected from a sequence all other items relevant to it are also ignored by the program?
A warning of say “your X is not selected are you sure you want to continue” might be appropriate so as to ensure the user actually wanted the item deselected rather than just forgetting.

Can I add a +1 for this…

When I start a sequence, my camera might not be at temperature.
Is it possible to have an option that pauses sequence execution until the camera is at temperature?

Is this what you are looking for?


@Daz I think you are misinterpreting Daves request.


Once upon a time SGPro did exactly what you are asking for, but then we received complaints because the sequence would save in that state. Then the user would open the sequence certainly later, connect a focuser (or whatever), but all sorts of important stuff like AF had been disabled from the last temporary run.

Haha, you can’t win can you Ken :grinning:
comments noted and understood :grin:

Gah! What a muppet! That’s exactly it Andy!!