iPad, Sky Safari, and SGP

Attempting to connect my iPad Air via Sky Safari 5 Pro to SGP (

Windows 10 running under Parallels 11 on a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.11.4). Just pretend it’s a Win 10 machine.
Created an ad hoc network on the Mac. No password.
Connected the iPad to that network.
Configured Sky Safari to access the IP address from SGP Telescope control.
Scope type: Meade LX-200 GPS
Mount type: Equatorial GoTo (German)
Mount: CGEM with StarSense.

Sky Safari does connect to the mount when using SkyFi connected to the StarSense hand control. But that doesn’t allow SGP to connect to the mount. I still have access and control to the Atik 460EX camera and MicroTouch focuser.

Here’s what I got from Jared W so far:

“You’ll need to setup an Ad Hoc WiFi connection between your laptop and your iPad and connect them together. SGP will tell you what IP it is broadcasting on (in the telescope tab by where you enable the “external control of telescope”) and this is the IP you need to plug into Sky Safari for the connection after the Ad Hoc connection is established.”

So, done that - didn’t work.

John C

Didn’t realize you were running this through Parallels. I’m not sure what implications that may have on the IP resolution from the host to the VM. Maybe someone with more experience with that can chime in.



Just curious. If your mount is a CGEM, why is your scope type Meade LX200?

37 N - 121 W

That’s how the wifi relay works in SGP.

See here, at the bottom.



Thanks! Good to know.


I still have issues working with SkyFi. I am constantly disconnected, and it is next to impossible to get reconnected.

Skyfi or skysafari? - You cannot connect to the mount using Skyfi if you are already using wifi to connect the ipad to SGP using wifi.

I got Starry Night Pro Plus 7 running in Windows 10 to connect to the mount reliably using the Celestron driver instead of the Generic Hub. For some reason when using Generic Hub, the mount was not pointing to the same place that SNP was pointing. I’ll keep working with that to see if it was something I was doing.

John C.