Iris Nebula - 2 Panel Mosaic LRGB

Imaging Camera: ASI6200MM Pro
Imaging Scope: Sharpstar 20032PNT Paraboloid Astrograph
Filters: Baader CMOS Optimised LRGB 50.4 Unmounted
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ8 Pro
Data Acquired with SGPro using the Mosaic Wizard, pre-processed, stacked and Mosaic created with Astro Pixel Processor, and final stage processing with PixInsight
Image Size: 101mpx (9149*11123)

Each panel consists of 151x60S in L, R, G and B, so the total exposure time is 20.13 hours

I used @mikaelA Sky-Flats program to generate my flats, as panel flats did not seem to work so well with B and G filters probably due to the amount of vignetting when using a full frame sensor on the 20032PNT with M54 image train, will change this to M68 as soon as my adapter arives.

Full 568MB Image can be downloaded here:

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That looks great! I’ve been intrigued by the Sharpstar scope and it looks like you’ve got collimation dialed in pretty well. Well done.

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Thanks @joelshort

I have a tutorial on collimation on my website where I used my previous SharpStar 15028HNT, process is still the same on the 20032PNT. I will be writing a review on the 20032PNT shortly, I have already fed some info back to SharpStar on things that could be done better. But this is not the place :smiley:

Holy moly, that’s awesome.

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Thanks @Ken

Image is uploaded to Astrobin now

Congratulations. It’s a wonderful image with nice colors and a lot of details!

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Slightly off-topic, but I have a 15028HNT and I found your description of collimating sooooo helpful. I use an OCAL collimated now but the clear way you describe things makes the whole process a breeze, so thank you. Oh and the image is superb!

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Glad it helped, it’s the same process on the 20032PNT as well