Is cygwin a pre-requisite for the ansvr bundle?

I happened upon this page:
and found the very convenient installer.
However, as the installer is doing its thing, I can’t figure out where all the files downloaded are being saved.
This begs the question:
Should cygwin and astrotortilla be installed prior to running the ansvr installer?

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: I found cygwin.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\ Local Solver


The local installer is fully self-contained, including a cygwin instance. There are no prerequisites.

Are you sure you found a cygwin.exe in there? There is a cygwin.bat but I am not aware of any cygwin.exe.


you are right - the exe is in fact located in the hidden appdata folder.
It wasn’t clear from the instruction page that the whole package was going to be installed - that’s great - thanks for making this freely available.

Thanks for the feedback. I just updated the page to clarify that there are no prerequisites.