Is RA Only Dithering possible through SGP?

Hello – With my mounts pretty bad DEC backlash [CGEM] I prefer to use RA only dither and [North/south] only DEC guiding. I have that option configured in PHD2 but it does not seem to function through SGP and I see no way to set it up in SGP. Am I missing something or is this not supported?

Thanks for any information.

– Andy

If you have PHD2 set to dither RA only, then RA only dithers should be what you see. The configuration setting and the behavior is within PHD2, and no configuration of SGP is necessary.

If this does not appear to be working correctly I can take a look at your PHD2 Debug Log to see what is going on.

Andy – Thank you for the response and confirming intended functionality. I have since my post determined that SGP is in fact passing through RA only dithers, my mount is just making erratic DEC adjustments in response. So I will troubleshoot on the guiding/PHD2 side.