Is there an Image review limit?

I just did a new set of bias frames and was reviewing them immediately after they finished and noticed that using the arrow buttons would only allow me to view the last 25 exposures when there were many more than that taken and confirmed they existed in the proper folder. Is this normal?
I am still using 2.3

I can only view 5 before I get an error.


I don’t get an error, it just stops at 25 images.

Can you please provide more details on this? I cannot reproduce this error. Steps would be great if you have them. Accessing images via back button or by right clicking? Does one work and not the other?

Yes. We only support preview of the last 25 images. If you’d like more, you will need to used programs designed for high memory usage (like pixinsight).

Ken, sorry for surprising you with my error.

But, if I use the back arrow button I can go back 5 images. If I try to go back to the 6th I get an error about not reading the cache or something like that. It has done that on my laptop with since I started using v2.3. I’ll try to get some imaging going tonight so I can capture a screen shot of the error.

I have plenty of drive space so it’s not that. But I only have 4GB of RAM in the laptop, but I would image it should still work, right?


SGPro tries to keep the last 5 images in cache. This makes review of recent things very fast. When you review beyond 5 images, it loads images from the disk. So… I am wondering if there is something in the path to your images that we are not considering. Odd characters or something else. So… it if you could paste (or PM if it has any sensitive info) the path to your images that would help too.

Here is a recent one:
C:\AstroTemp\SGP\UFO Galaxy

All of my images are in the that SGP folder in subfolders named for the target.

Here is my file naming string for my SCT if that makes a difference:


Thanks. Can you also post an example of a full file name made by that pattern?

Here you go:

ngc 2339-1_EdgeHD_22.0C_Light_600sec_ISO800_2015-02-14_185534_frame1.CR2

Here is the error message I get:

Those were files I took last night. I got that error last night trying to go back more than 5 images.


Wow… ok. So, it seems like we completely failed to consider DSLRs in the image review system. As you can see, it is expecting FITS files to exist. Easy enough fix… this will be out in the next release.

Thanks for fixing this! It’s always sort of irritated me but it wasn’t that big of a deal so I didn’t ever mention it.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned it before. I’ve noticed it since I started using SGP with v2.3.

I always image with the camera raw CR2 format and do all of my conversions to FITS in PixInsight. Using different programs to convert the CR2 to FITS is problematic at best. Usually it’s a total failure. I make my flats in BYEOS since it is easier with a DSLR so they are CR2 format.