Issue: First launch of SGP 4 stalls after SGP 3 uninstall

I moved the SGP3 sequence files to another storage location but didn’t tell SGP 3 before uninstalling it.
Went on and installed SGP 4.
Now SGP 4 is « stuck » when it starts obviously looking for the old sequence files.
Is there a way to solve this, like editing a .ini file or a registry key?
The sequence files are gone.
Many thanks for your support.

SGPro 4 is still in early beta and likely unstable, but testing here, if the last sequence opened goes away, SGPro is just opening with a default sequence.

Hi Ken
Many thanks for your reply.
I have the same issue with V3.
I have sequence files stored in a Onedrive folder, and reorganized the folder structure. When sgp starts, it is stuck trying to open a no longer existing sequence file.
Is the path stored anywhere in an user editable file that I could change manually?
I tried uninstalling SGP altogether and reinstalling but it keeps looking for the same file at launch. Uninstall does not seem to clean up everything.
Thanks in advance for guidance.