Issue With Dome Behavior

I don’t know if this is an SGP or an ASCOM issue.

Last night, while imaging I had to abort a sequence and then a few minutes after doing that the dome rotated by itself to the actual Az that the mount/telescope was tracking on (46 degrees). Before the dome moved it was pointed where it should have been (around Az 20 degrees) to keep the telescope in the dome slit.

I’ve had this happen a few times in the past as well and would really like to figure out whats going on - why is it arbitrarily rotating to the actual Az of the mount instead of the offset that it had computed to get the telescope aimed at the dome slit?

I have attached the Log file from last night (is there a log reader to help in parsing the file?):

sg_logfile_20171120165557.txt (615.2 KB)