Issue with mosiac

I have a question, when I try to start running a mosiac, after image selection, framing it, creating sequence, when I try to run it I always get an error that camera must be rotated (to match image) I do not have an automatic rotator and would rather not have to run out to try to rotate camera to match. Is there a way to get past this? and if there is not, would it be possible to feature request where sgp takes an image, solves it and calculates what angle your cam is at, then build mosiac from that? This is holding my associate and I from using the wizard.
Have tried the following, which still failed from Joelshort: In the target settings window, just uncheck “Rotate Camera”. This means it will no longer check the camera rotation before the sequence starts.

When you used the image from Astrobin, SGP imported the rotation angle of that image, but your camera will inevitably be at a different angle. So SGP is trying to move your camera to the same angle as the Astrobin image. Be aware that your mosaic panels may be off since the angle doesn’t match the reference image.

would it be possible to use a plate solve image taken with my equip and use that for rotation setting?

That’s exactly what I do.


Tim, Sorry but new to ALL this, could you please let me know your sequence in doing it to create a mosiac using plate solve to set rotation angle so no need to have to go outside? but it still ask you to move if not correct with the requested format of the mosiac in step one step one is picking frame of mosiac
does it present the image here
as the known rotation
or do you manaully have to rotate that image
in step one to match your cameras angle

Sure. Things are a bit simpler for me since my scope is mounted in an observatory and I generally keep my camera angle the same. But the basic process is this:

  1. With the scope aligned and ready and the camera at the angle you want, take an image of anywhere in the sky and plate solve it. Note the angle that the plate solve reports.

  2. Open framing and mosaic wizard and download the reference image. Before doing anything else, set the rotation of the reference image to the same angle you noted from the plate solve. SGP will rotate the reference image to match your camera angle.

  3. Create your mosaic. When you click the “Create Sequence” button, another screen will come up allowing you to name the sequence and choose other options. On this screen, make sure that “Auto rotate or validate rotation on mosaic start” is UNCHECKED.

When you start the sequence, you’ll get a message that SGP has no way to tell if the camera is rotated, but you can ignore it just as long as you haven’t changed the camera rotation.


I will try this tonight (if possible) and let you know if it worked for me thanks Tim