Issues controlling Pegasus Dual Motor Focus

Hi there,

On my ES-ED80 I have the Pegasus Universal Motor Focus Kit and the Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus Controller. In SGP whenever I try to move a fine or course focus adjustment, it just spins and spins without stopping - only way I can find to stop it is to unplug the unit entirely. Wether I click to focus it in or out, it will only focus in. Even though my fine step size is only 5, it just keeps spinning. Controlling the focus through the standalone Pegasus focus controller app is working fine.

I have installed the ASCOM 6 driver for Pegasus Dual Motor Focus. I noticed that in this guide it says to select the pegasus ASCOM driver from the drop down, whereas on my setup the options I see are Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus or Pegasus Astro Focus Controller (screenshot attached below with the dropdown menu). Hope you might know what my problem is! Thanks.