Issues with PWI3 and auto-focus on a PW CDK 12.5"


I know there have been some older threads on this, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on whether there is a fix or whether everyone has just given up :-/

So as others have reported the problem I’m having is that the PWI s/w does not send the Hendrik focuser to the exact position SGP is requesting. As a result, SGP times out and auto focus fails.
There doesn’t seem to be any magic combination of autofocuser settings in either SGP or the PWI s/w that makes this work.

Has anyone else managed to get this to work consistently? Or are we still in need of an SGP feature to “ignore” when the focuser over or under shoots the target position?



I honestly thought we changed this years ago but looks like not. I updated this (not 100% sure I found all the spots) and it will be out in with the next beta.

If you have a log where this is currently happening that could help to make sure I’ve found those issues. Also if you notice this same problem with the next beta let me know and I’ll address it further. Unfortunately this logic was not encapsulated nicely in a single area :frowning_face:


Awesome - thanks Jared!

I’ll generate some clean logs tonight and send your way