Keep SGP simple and uncomplicated

I suggest that we treat adding features with caution.

Each additional feature has a cost.

  • The new feature has to be implemented in the UI and this will make it
    more complex for everyone to use.
  • The new feature has to be implemented in the code. This gives more
    possibilities for bugs to be introduced. These bugs can affect
    everyone, not just those using the new feature.
  • The new feature needs to be tested. This adds to the development time
    for everyone.
  • The new feature has to be documented and supported.

We should bear in mind that new features will tend to be proposed by advanced users - those who are already totally familiar with the basic operation. Their new feature will not seem to make things significantly more complex to them but a new or infrequent user may find it makes things too complex.

In my opinion one of the strengths of SGP is that it does the fundamental process of automating image collection without being cluttered with lots of features that almost no one will use but which affect everyone. I think we should bear this in mind and accept that it may not be powerful enough for a small number of sophisticated users who need a more feature rich system. This is actually a feature.



I think that is why things like multi-camera are going to be add-ons. The additional code required in the main program will be minimized compared to adding it into the main program…

Then of course there are business issues involved. If the competition adds a new killer feature, one may be forced to add something similar.

Ultimately it is demand vs. utility vs. implementation difficulty so is a call that MSS needs to make.

Agreed on all points here. We always keep this in mind when adding or rejecting requests. Closing for tidiness.