Keeping plate solve temorary images

A new user here slowly coming to grips with everything. Kudos to all involved for a great piece of software.

Is there any way to direct plate solve images to a location such that they are kept permanently? I was troubleshooting a sequence from last night and it looks like my failed plate solve images were deleted when I fired up SGP to easily get to the log file. Currently for me these are going under C:\Windows\Users\Usernam\Appdata\Local\SequenceGenerator\temp
(Windows 7 32bit laptop)

thanks in advance,


We don’t store plate solve images automatically under any circumstances (for obvious reasons). But… here’s what I would do… instead of waiting for your sequence to fail (due to plate solve setup issues that you know are present), set your rig up as normal, slew to a bright, known star, center it with frame and focus (using the crosshairs) and use your favorite planetarium to sync your mount. Once this is done:

  • Make sure the correct plate solver is selected in the control panel
  • Make sure your image scale for 1x1 is in the camera tab
  • Make sure you have decent exposure time set for the filter you are going to use (lum is best for testing… 7-10 sec)

Click the “Solve and sync” button manually and work your issues out here before running a sequence. If you want to force save of an image, you can right click on it and find an option to do so.

Thanks for confirming I haven’t missed a setting Ken.

I should have said I’m a long standing CCD Commander user with a full Pinpoint licence. Solving has been working well for my when I’m awake, so I’m pretty sure my early morning problems have been cloud or starting an object too low behind a tree, but CCDC allows you to direct plate solve shots to a directory and thought I better check wasn’t missing something.
I suppose I could write a script or manually copy images out of the temp directory if I really want to see one of these images. I gather they’re there until SGP gets started up again normally.