Kudos! Another great night of imaging with SGP

Thanks, again, Jared and Ken for your amazing program.

Last night I got 4 hours of images out of 6 possible hours with Since I was shooting 2 minute subs and have it set for autoguider settle at 0.2 pixels for 13 seconds and focusing every 0.5 degree temperature change, I think this is pretty darn good and shows that I was imaging non-stop with zero problems! Especially considering the half hour when the temperature was all over the place and I was focusing every other frame…

Anyway, thanks again - Shane

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Thanks for the positive feedback (it is important too).

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Ken, Jared,

I agree with Kor, kudos to the two of you. I’ve been imaging over several nights, starting at 8 PM and ending at 7:30 am each night using without any crashes. PHD2 and SGPro seems to be well behaved with each other. Focusing working great, using 8" SCT with my image scale of 0.79, Rotating and framing has been perfect. Centering, moving from target to target has been very consistent, Meridian flip has worked every time without any intervention on my part. The only issue I’m having is my flat panel is not turning off and it sounds like Ken will have that fixed in the next release.

Great job guys,

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