Launching A Sequence

I understood fully your excellent video on creating profiles and sequences.
A follow up showing how to start a sequence with a saved image would be great.
Could you please explain in simple terms how to launch a sequence using a saved image.
I am not sure how to configure the software for the sequence to solve and center a saved image in the sequence.

Another query.
When I launche a sequence is their a way to see which profile is loaded on the sequence window?
When I launch an equipment profile without ticking the save as default box is it loaded when I start a new sequence?

No, but this is not a bad idea.

I’m not sure what this means. If you select a profile as default it will be used as a template to create all new sequences. If you select “new sequence from profile”, then you can select the equipment profile manually.

Hi Simon,
Can I suggest using the file naming pattern in the Equipment Profile Manager.
My file names tend to be a little bit long, but
is then displayed in the File Name panel on the Sequence window.

thanks Nigel.
I have copied your naming pattern in the profile manager and it is nice to see a confirmation of the equipment being used in the sequencer.