Licence registration V3.0.0.7

Hi all,

Sorry if this has already been brought up but I’m not a big user of this forum.

I have noticed that my SGP is on a trial licence with 28 days to go, Noticed this last night. How ever I have paid, maybe a couple of years ago for v2.6 Now I’m not sure if when I upgraded to v3.0.0.7 it’s started a count down of a trial period. When going to register a the machine in the observatory and after putting im my email & password I get Licence not found.

Any ideas


Nice to see an answer to this to help,

Now the trial has run out & I cannot seem to get my old version back, It’s asking for username and password, I have tried many versions of know usernames and Passwords but cannot register,

Can someone help,


Yes, SGP3 is a paid upgrade to SGP2. If you want to revert just uninstall
sgp3 and reinstall sgp2.

If you’d prefer to upgrade, you can find your upgrade pricing by logging
into our website and going to the store.

Instructions on resetting your password can be found here

Thank you,

Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer

Thanks Jared,

After typing my original post today, I took the plunge to upgrade to V3. I’m back up and running again now.