License key used

Hi. I’ve just installed SGP on my windows machine after purchasing it.

I installed SGP 3 and registered my machine. I have had a few issues connecting to my mount so I installed SGP v2.6 to see if it made a difference.

After registering the software again, as it came up with trial version, I see that it used up one of my keys, leaving me with just one even though I’m only running v2.6 on this machine now.

I have another laptop I need to use for imaging which I need to install SGP on. This will leave me with no spare keys, which isn’t ideal as one of my laptops is on its last legs and I shouldn’t have been made to use 2 keys for just one instance of software on it.

I tried looking for a contact email but could not find one on the main sight.

Any help appreciated pleas.

Many thanks.

Go to the main website, at the top right there is a “login” button. You can then manage your license keys. It’s very good. Hope you can resolve it. If not I am sure Jared or Ken will be happy to assist.

More info on managing your licenses can be found here:

As you’ve found the SGP3 license is also backwards compatible to SGP2. So SGP2 will occupy a license “slot”


Thanks for the reply Jared

I purchased SGP for version 3, I merely installed v2 to try and sort an issue out. It didn’t fix it so have reinstalled v3 again literally within 30 minutes all on the same machine.

Are you saying the license key I used for putting v2 on the same machine is used and lost? Is there a way of de-registering that machine?

Many thanks


Yes login and you can manage your licenses :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.