License message error at start up

Hello There,

I have been using ver 3.20.660 for moths and today when I try to start the program, I get a message “upgrade not allow”

I checked my licence status and shows on hold. Also SGP licence information under the help menu shows in hold and that the highest rev # that can be installed is 3.20.613. Is this an error or the ability to install ver 660 has been cancelled from now on?

I can get the program to start if I stop SGP from doing a license check by disconnecting from the internet



I believe this is something not getting handled correctly with the “On Hold” status…these should be going to “Expired” (which still gives you access to 3.2 so it’s really not what it sounds like).

I’ve updated your subscription. Please let me know if you continue to experience this.


Thanks for looking into this for me. Both laptops are working now with ver. 660.


Hi Jared,

Thanks for looking into this for me. Both laptops are working now, and as far as I am concerned the issue is fixed now. However, My account shows only 1 subscription. I tried to unregister the non-registered computer thinking to re-register, but I was unable to do so. Finally the license info still shows max version eligibility .613, but Like mention the program is working correctly with ver 660.




I think that may just be an issue with when your subscription when inactive and the latest release version. For SGP 3.2 the “Max Version Eligibility” is “Any version of SGP 3.2 whether you have an active subscription or not”. So if we released tomorrow you would still be eligible for it.

You should be able to ignore that Max Version Eligibility message. We should rework that for 3.2 to make it more clear that it is 3.x


Great, thank you.