License reverted back to Trial 45 Days

License has reverted to a Trial, when I try and register, License not found. Please advise.

Have you logged on to the registration web page? Did you register the new SGP version there first?

tried that - it was all working, been working for months no problem. Just suddenly changed.

I can log in and see my licenses but if I try and register the machine again, it says “no license found”

If you delete the license on the web page and then re-register from SGP - does that work?

No, Ive deleted all my licenses off the website but if I try to license from the software I get “License Not Found”

This sounds like a message from the website. Just to confirm you’re attempting to register SGP by opening up SGP, going to Help>>Register This Machine and entering your email and password? Same Email and Password you use to get into the license management area?


I’m doing exactly that Jared.

I’ve changed my password as well so I know my login is correct.

The website, when I log in, says I have 3 licenses.

If I try to log in via software to “Register this machine” I get a “License not found”.


Any update please Jared?

I was seeing the same thing after I went to update the latest 2.X version. The link on the Downloads page at the top is actually Version 3, which would require another license. I blindly clicked on that link thinking it was 2.x. I had to uninstall the accidental Version 3 and then download the 2.6 version and install that.

I think youre right Barry - however the upgrade popped up when I started SGPro and I automatically clicked it not realising it upgraded me to V3.

Id have thought V3 upgrade would have been free for people who have already paid a subscription fee.

We do not offer a subscription. You’re purchasing a specific version of SGP that never expires.

I’ll make the wording more clear in the case that someone has a 2.0 license and is attempting to register 3.0 without a 3.0 license.