Link Sequences Together

Request the capability to link or append two or more different sequences together. This would allow a follow-on sequence to start virtually from scratch. For example, a sequence to take “pretty picture” images on an object could, at time limit or when completed, switch to a sequence used to take asteroid images for astrometry. The equipment profile could be different so that autoguiding could be disabled if not needed (as is the case for asteroids) and other options could be changed as needed. The important thing here is modularity of the sequences so that the equipment profile could be different in each sequence and the sequences could be developed independently ahead of time. They would also not take such a long time to load targets as currently is the case with many targets. That could happen at the start of the linked sequence.

If a request like this has been submitted or something is brewing in the skunk works, please let me know as I could not find it.


P.S. Thanks for adding the FITS Pierside keyword!

Second this. I have multiple systems/profiles and am now limited to one per night unless I want to get up and manually change them.

Another use is that some things work better with focus per filter and others better with offsets. This would allow doing both in one night…

Another BIG thumbs up for this. I have multiple scopes and cameras and would love to be able to switch between them during the night.

I’ve also run into an issue where, if I haven’t been able to image for a while, when I start up again, the seasons have changed, temperatures have dropped, and my guide scope is significantly out of focus. Would LOVE to be able to have a sequence to do an autofocus routine on my guide scope (yes it has a focus motor) and then switch to a sequence for the main scope to proceed with imaging tasks.


I’m working on the ability to launch and run a sequence directly from the command line. I think with that you could likely easily chain multiple sequence launches together.

It may not be perfect…but it’s a step in the right direction.


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