List WHY the safety monitor went red [CLOSED: NOT POSSIBLE]

I’ve had the “Safety” light on the bottom right of the main screen go red but I have no idea why. I use the SkyAlert Safety Monitor, and it shows all green for temp, wind, moisture, brightness, etc. And the SkyRoof Observatory module shows the roof is open. The weather file also shows 0 for both alert and roof open, i.e., no problems.

The SGP log file only says something like “unsafe condition reported”.

I’m requesting that any additional information SGP can get as to WHY there’s an unsafe condition be made available to the user - either as a notification, a popup when hovering over the red Safety light, or both.

For the SafetyMonitor device that is literally the only value we get IsSafe and it’s a boolean…so it is or it isn’t. :man_shrugging:


That stinks. Maybe a fture release of ASCOM will add a reason.

Thanks for the quick reply. Can I close this request?

Not without deleting the post. It can stay as is. It’s not hurting anything.