Live view issue with SGP

I am having issues with live view. Upon initiating, the image fails to update, then when I try and stop live view, the program hangs on “downloading” with the green bar never going away. I have to restart SGP. What might I be doing wrong?

Canon 6D

Mark Adkins


It is like likely that you may not be doing anything wrong. We seem to be having g some trouble with the 6D lately and need to put in a little time investigating.

That said, there are other folks around using a 6D that can help to verify if like view is working for them.

Ken I have occasionally seen this same problem with my Cannon 450D.

Any update on this issue? I have been trying to get SGP working with my system. It has not been easy. Especially with my Canon 6D. I am still having this issue that is discussed in this topic. Has there been any progress? This is more than 2 years old.

It’s about a year and a half old :slight_smile: we made some progress but it affected all other Canons when we updated the libraries that apparently address this issue. I’ve never found live view to be terribly useful for AP as you need a pretty bright object with those short frames. However this probably needs to be revisited.


Following up to see if any improvements or implementations have resolved the issue with Live View while using a Canon 6D.

I’m nearing the end of my trial period, and it’s a brilliant piece of software that I’d like to use, but if it doesn’t fully support the Canon 6D it’s probably a no-go :frowning:

I’ve heard the devs dismiss live view as not really being an important feature, but I think they are overlooking the importance to “shadetree” astrophotographers that don’t have fancy (and expensive!) autofocusers. I need live view in order to focus with my B-mask!

I use the “Frame and Focus” module with a continuous run, , bin 2x2, with 6 sec exposures for focusing with my Bahtinov.

I think it is very close to using Liveview