Log Analysis Tool

I posted this idea on another thread which made me think of this but figured it needed it’s own thread.

Please note that this is not really a suggestion for an SGP feature - it is posted here because this is the best available venue to suggest this. It could be and probably should be written by someone other than the SGP authors - they are busy enough already. Sadly, I am not a coder.

I was wondering, since SGP logs are often very long and hard to review and interpret, if someone might write a 3rd party tool to evaluate and summarize the SGP log. This would be analogous to what is available for PhD 2.

I envision an imaging session graphical timeline with color-coded events that is clickable to take one to the relevant section of the log text file.


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Not a bad idea – part of what makes this ‘easier’ for PHD2 is that the log is concise and the data in the log is very specific to guiding/corrections. This is much harder with SGP, as it’s coordinating many things (including PHD2). The logs are more verbose out of necessity to troubleshoot conditions.

The SGP Notification to Log File might be the best thing to use as it would likely be much more concise and ‘human readable.’ Failing that, it may be best to have event codes in the log file to make parsing easier. Otherwise, parsing each line and then mapping it to an event and filtering the noise would be a lot of effort.

Good idea… I was planning to extract the focuser data from the log files to determine the temperature compensation coefficient for my setup… looking at the plethora of data I gave up quickly :slight_smile: I will give another try when I have some time time but an analysis tool would be great help…maybe I can just search for word “focus” and then try to find out the bit I’m interested in, which the temperature and focus points per filter…

I did something like that when I set up mine - don’t recall the search terms I used and I had to copy the values to the spreadsheet manually but it worked.

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I started something like this earlier this year: a simple python program
that combines SGPro and PHD logs to show:

  • all focuser runs
  • all images taken (RMS -
  • any errors that happened (e.g. focusing failed)
  • meridian flips (and final error)
  • grouped by target and event

It’s very useful at the end of a night to get an overview of what happened.


Exactly. That would be my intent. A quick review to see how things went is very helpful in tweaking things to be sure they are optimal in the future.