Long sequence performance

I started using SGPro (with paid license) in 2016 but found that when making even a small change to a long sequence (e.g. adding an exposure event to 20 targets) would take an extremely long time, even on a powerful PC. It would take several minutes just to apply one change. So I decided not to continue using it. At the time, the software support guys said they were looking into the issue but said “no promises”.

Since then I guess there have been quite a few updates. Can anyone comment on the performance when making changes to long sequences?

Hi there,

Starting in SGPro 3.2, we have put a considerable amount of effort into optimizing the way in which sequences are loaded and also with certain actions like copying events. At one point, memory issues were bad enough that we actually capped the number of targets allowed in a sequence. Version 4 contains even more optimizations for sequence editing and loading. Even large sequences load in just a few seconds and modifications are all lightning fast. You didn’t indicate what version you are using though (based on the date you provided, Im assuming it’s not 4)

Previously I used version

Is there a maximum number of targets in the newest version?

For the night I usually do not need to define more than 3-4 objects with max. 7 filters. I use sequences up to 15 objects and I have no problem with version 3.2. I did not tested, what is the maximum number of targets in version 3.2. What is the reason for using very long sequences?

No, there is no maximum.