Loop option in sequence

is there a way to add “loop” option in sequence?

Right now there is an option to complete entire event (ex. Halpha filter) or jump through events (ex. 1 frame with one filter, next 1 frame with other filter)

When I want to capture for example 50 frames of Ha, OIII and SII I must set: 5 frames of Ha, 5 frames of OIII and 5 frames of SII and duplicate events to get 5xHa, 5xOII, 5xSII and again 5xHa, 5xOIII and so on. (I know that I can set 50xHa, 50xOIII and 50xSII, but i want to capture every filter in similar conditions)

Loop option (like in NINA) will come with number how many times this loop must be taken, then i will set 3 events (5xHa, 5xOIII and 5xSII) and loop = 10. SGP then repeat entire sequence 10 times.

I hope I describe it ok. :slight_smile:
Best wishes

Yes, I understand. There is currently no way to do this (other than what you describe). That said, I have some work done on a “visual ordering module”, that will allow you to visually drag events into “event clusters”, where each cluster can have its own set of execution descriptors (like finish or rotate). When one event cluster is finished, it will move onto the next. I would like to make it available between targets also, but that will require a deeper consideration since it breaks things like target start and end time, etc.

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Thanks Ken for information.
I’m looking forward to see effects of your work on this clusters :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how many events are allowed, but try
event 1 5x Ha
event 2 5x Olll
event 3 5x Sll
event 4 5x Ha
event 5 5x Olll
etc etc