Looping targets in a sequence

I know it has been suggested several times in the past but it seems it has not been answered yet.
Here we go:
Would it be possible to implement a target loop, as is offered in competing software?
Example: I want to use all dark time available in a given night to capture a target, say the Iris nebula, until the target is too low in the sky or when sun rises or until a manually set preset time. SGP would rotate filters, capture the target, and loop back until the stop condition is raised.
Would look like this:

1 / Capture in squence: Lum x 4, Ha x 5, R x 4, G x 4, B x 4
2 / repeat 1 until stop condition raised

Thanks in advance,

It’s possible, but the list of things that we have prioritized right now would not allow us to provide any kind of promise or estimation. It would be a while though… This is a pretty major change and, in all likelihood, will be offered as a part of a more full featured scheduler (which ideally would remove the need for such a thing).

Hi Ken, thanks for the response. I was not expecting a quick change of the scheduling engine, I know it’sa lot of work and redesign effort. Anyway, it’s good to see products can always improve over time :blush:


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