Loosing connection with a SX694

Hi all,

Up until now I seem to be looing connection with the imaging camera Sx694 it seems to be pretty random as well.

Before I was going to post this message I was going to get the log files ready but when I looked at the files they seemed to have stopped in July and nothing since.

Now I’m not sure if there would be another place SGP is putting these, can anyone assist in telling me if there’s an option to turn these off that I may have done by accident.


If you go to the help menu/open log folder you should see them. I don’t
think there’s a way to turn off logging in SGP.

But the first thing I would do is check your USB cable connections,
especially if you have a hub. 98% of the time these kinds of things are
the result of failing USB cables, or hubs, or hubs not being powered enough.

Cheers Joel,

I’ll check the USB cable first. I still cannot see the logs since July though.