Losing target data destination and file name values


In version 2 I had set the target data directory and %file name-key once, and it used this information for each newly created sequence.

In version 3 ( and tested) I need to fill this in for every new sequence I create. This information is not stored in the initial “untitled” profile when it starts up.
Setting the folder each time is not much of an issue, but setting the right key each time is a bit of a pain.
I now copy/paste it from v2.6 (which is still on the laptop, but in a different folder, as I wanted to test v3 first), but eventually of course i want to remove the old version.
Then it would be nice to not have to re-set this up each time.


Please disregard this… user-error, it now works after i’ve properly saved it under “tools - options”