Loss of Connection to Xagyl Filterwheel


I’m using the Xagyl FW5125V4 filterwheel with SGP. I’m having trouble connecting and when it does connect, the connection drops after a few seconds.

I’ve updated the latest versions of the firmware, drivers, SGP. Xagyl filterwheel tster tool works OK.

I’ve successfully used the filterwheel in the past.

Aprox time of issue: 14:10 UT

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
.NET: 4.8

This log contains more into…but also looks like the ASCOM driver cannot find the filter wheel so either wrong COM port or the filter wheel is not physically connected:

[04/14/20 15:06:22.759][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Failed to connect to filter wheel. : CheckDotNetExceptions USB.FilterWheel.ASCOM.Driver ConnectedSet System.Exception: No Filter Wheel Detected on COM7.


Hi. Thanks for the the reply. As I’m on Windows 7, I’ll upgrade to Windows 10 to see if that solves the problem.