Loss Profile

Hi, I updated to the latest version of SGP but my profile became empty, I can still find it in the list but all the configurations have disappeared! How can I do?

I am not certain off hand, but if you want to send us the profile (file), we can take a look to see if it is corrupted or if there is a migration bug of some sort. Please see here for guidance on getting us your profile(s):


QHY294 M-PRO.sgp (30.0 KB)
Here I am attaching it, I can see it in the program but all the configurations are missing.

Yes, that profile is indeed empty. The migration process should have backed up your profiles before attempting to convert them. Could you send a file named QHY294 M-PRO.sgp.bak and I can take a look at its migration to v4?

I looked but it’s not there.