Lost Connection to Powerbox Complaint


I can’t stop SGP from looking for a previously installed Pegasus Powerbox. Where can I reach out to stop it?


As part of your un-installing, did you delete the folder “C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator”, if not then any configurations would be ‘remembered’ …

Yes, in fact I did the same exact thing after noticing it looks like it remembers something from the past. I reinstalled version 4 and it still remembers the switch. Also - the version 4 that I am downloading doesn’t say it is Beta and there are Beta versions available, but when I launch it after installing I am told it is Beta. What’s up with that?

We forgot to remove the “beta” from the file naming … it should be automatic on our build server but since this is the first 4.0 release it seems we forgot to configure it.

I’m guessing it may be the last sequence that is still referencing the power box. I’ll see about correcting this so if it’s not available it handles it better.


That would be a welcome fix Jared! Will this also take care of other ASCOM switches that are available in the ASCOM Profile Explorer on the same computer where SGP is running? It seems to me SGP4 automatically tries to connect to all switches it can find as drivers on the computer, regardless whether these are at that moment physically connected to that computer as well. This is a very annoying behaviour that is keeping me on SGP3 for now. Why not connect to a switch as one would connect to any other device in SGP?