Lost email address for login

I tried to log in to SGP to check on laptop registrations but SGP is not recognising any of my email addresses! I have done ‘computer management’ before so I don’t know what else might have changed. Help requested.
Lawrence Harris

try searching for sales@mainsequencesoftware.com in your mailboxes, one of them should then have your registration details etc.

Unfortunately, even though I have retained such emails, it is
possible that I changed my email address since then. For whatever
reason, I cannot log in to access the computer management options.
One computer is continually returning 'server unavailable ’ or
similar. Note that I can login to the forum - so I don’t know why I
still need different logins for maintenance.
Lawrence H

Sadly these are not the same system at the moment…hopefully changing soon.

Please email us at support@mainsequencesoftware.com and we can get you straightened out.