Lost mosaic images

uninstalled 2.3 and installed 2.4 and whilst all my sequences have been retained that i had made with the framing and mosaic wizard they have lost their attached associated images…can these be recovered and if so where can I find them and re-attach them to my sequences?

I don’t think so. The internal storage of 2.3 is so different from 2.4 that these images likely cannot be seen w/o significant effort on our part to grab them. I guess we never considered sequences as something with a long life so we didn’t put the effort in here. We should probably start doing this since we are seeing more people using “multi-year sequences”. Of course, we cannot guarantee compatibility over this long a period, but we will keep it in mind.

You can put the sequence up for inspection and I can take a look…

Alternatively, if you still have the 2.3 installer, you can use that, save the images off to disk and re-add them in 2.4 (not great admittedly).

OK cheers Ken. Ill probably re-do some sequences anyway just wondered if it was possible.