M 67: Frame and Mosaic Wizard Failure

Last night I used the Frame and Mosaic Wizard to bring up M 67. Motivation was to obtain some transform coefficients for photometry. Much to my surprise, the image was not M 67. I then used the RA and Dec option with the correct J2000 coordinates and was successful. I checked the CDC, the coordinates are correct on that end. Why the Wizard brought up the incorrect image is a mystery, but be careful if you want to image M 67.

Strange! I imaged M67 last night (for the same purpose), but, I built that sequence a long time ago. I tried a few minutes ago and, you’re correct, that is not M67 in the center. Might just enter the coordinates into the wizard, I’m using RA 08 51 21.37 and DEC 11 48 15.60. Good luck on your transforms.

EDIT: Actually, I just plate solved one of the images and it centers at RA 08 51 19.215, DEC +11 49 02.50.